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4 ways a connected, in-app experience turns schools into connected communities

It’s time for an in-app experience that brings students, teachers, and alumni together.

Both parents and educators’ goal for students – of all ages – is to get the most of our their educational experience. Parents and educators also want to be informed and engaged with how students are learning, what material they’re responding to, and most importantly – keep consistent communication with their children/students and school happenings.

Nearly 70% of Americans own a cell phone, and 85% of young adults own a smartphone (via PewResearchCenter). The percentage of young adults that own a smartphone almost doubles year over year, and new technology is emerging daily.

In order to keep up with demands of technology – and students! – schools need a solution that creates an engaging environment that’s adaptable and flexible to students, educators, and parents’ needs.

A connected mobile app that provides real-time updates, alerts, and content is a scalable and sustainable solution for schools’ communities to stay informed and leverage media for activities like fundraisers, alumni news, sports, club events, and more.

Here are four ways a connected, in-app experience turns schools into an engaging, connected, community.

Allow parents, students, educators, and alumni to stay informed – all in the one place.

A successful in-app experience does not just provide updates that users have to proactively log into in order to see, it should send notifications with updates that are relevant to the user. For parents, these notifications can be alerts for things like cancellations due to weather, or updates on sports and club activities.

Schools have a major focus in growing their alumni interest (and excitement!) for current news and events. An easy, accessible mobile platform is an ideal place for schools to build a loyal fanbase.

Build a real, consistent, community.

Most mobile apps provide valuable information, but where they fall short is not providing the opportunity for their community to discuss, encourage, contribute, and share. In-person forums aren’t ideal for all of a school’s community to contribute feedback and share opinions – especially for universities. A mobile app that’s built for discussion and communication is the most efficient and accessible way for teachers, students, parents, and the like to stay informed and feel a part of the school, its activities, and ideas for growth.

Teach students new media.

Schools can encourage students to use its app (and not just Snapchat) by providing a mobile community that encourages to students to promote, share, and create new content. A connected mobile app that provides students an opportunity to create and publish new content is contagious among the student population. The more student engagement, the better! Schools have the opportunity to promote and encourage school comradery with the right mobile solution.

An in-app experience that provides the ability to create communities based on specific interests like sports, arts, music, alumni, and even social activity personalizes users’ experience even more, giving them the ability to control what they see, share, like, and participate in. Remember the school newspaper? Turn your app into a digital news source that students want to read, share, and comment in. News has gone digital – empower your students to be the source.

Raise money.

Fundraising is a massive part of schools’ activity, and it doesn’t come without its hurdles. A concentrated messaging platform to engage supporters and participants provides a streamlined channel fundraisers need in order to succeed. Users need the ability to create communities specific to their cause in order to organize and communicate what they need. If users are able to create segmented conversations within their school’s app, they have access to their entire audience in one place, as well as the opportunity to capture and engage new like-minded participants.

Apps don’t have to be expensive. Instead of costing schools money, a school’s app can generate revenue. Charge a small fee for the app, but let users know that a portion of the app’s fee will go towards the school – making it a win-win with growing the community and increasing donations.

Turn your school into a connected community today and try a free, connected in-app solution with Waysay.

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