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Email isn’t a community: Here’s why a mobile app is essential for non-profits and groups

Professional associations, member groups, and non-profits have the same common goals: raise money, keep participants engaged and informed, and drive awareness for their cause. Managing this can be a nightmare, especially when many of these groups, most particularly non-profits’, funds come in from one-off occasions like donations and events. In addition to keeping a consistent pipeline of funds coming in, a majority of these organizations’ volunteers and (mostly few) employees are juggling more than one role, forever stuck in a “startup phase”.

What if there were tools to help manage communication and streamline new ideas? The first step is identifying a platform to connect with volunteers, employees, and donors. Mobile is the ideal platform for launching a community to bring these people together – versus getting lost in a massive email thread.

With the mobile trend forever increasing (our last blog post shares that nearly 70% of Americans own a cell phone, and 85% of young adults own a smartphone), mobile is the answer to building and scaling the growth these groups need in order to be successful. Let’s breakdown how the right mobile app can save these groups time and money:

Increase engagement and participation.

Email isn’t a community. A mobile app has the ability to provide a platform for engagement, as well as house resources and content available to users 24/7 – making your job easier so you can focus on what’s most crucial to your organization. Keep audiences engaged by providing the ability to customize their app experience based on what they need, what they want to participate in, and what information they’re searching for.

Email can be crippling when it comes to control over what you see and participate in. If you’re stuck on an email thread, you’re bombarded with emails that take up your time. The ability to personalize participation through a mobile app is monumental in keeping interest and loyalty to your cause and goals.

Focus on what’s important, instead of getting caught up in administrative tasks.

With a million things to do and only 24 hours in a day to get them done, time is precious. Prioritize what’s critical to the cause, and eliminate unnecessary tasks. Imagine if you didn’t have to respond to email threads (most of the time in the double digits!) for clarifications or additional questions. A mobile app that sends updates directly to users on their device through push notifications that also has the functionality for users to respond immediately to a single forum with community-wide visibility is a proven way to keeping users engaged and informed.

Drive awareness and attendance.

If users are receiving a personalized experience based on how they’d like to stay informed and engaged, they’re more likely to participate in and attend events. Happy participants are also more inclined to share their positive experience, making them advocates for the cause to drive more awareness and new participants.

Low cost

A small investment in a time and cost-saving solution can dramatically reduce timelines for projects and events. A mobile solution that has the ability to scale hundreds – or millions – of users and grow with your company, allowing key stakeholders to be successful and not spend their valuable time trying to play catch-up.

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