How media outlets and publishers can use their mobile app experience as a revenue channel

Calling all media outlets and publishers: Are you just yelling or building a community? Did you know that your content is not just a means of informing readers, but is also a means of engagement? As a media outlet or publisher, you bring relevant, local, and provoking content to readers. Your readers share and discuss what your write. How are you capitalizing on it? Each piece of content created should also have a call to action – what you want your readers to do with the information you’ve given them.

Aside of the obvious reasons that engagement is crucial when communicating with customers (brand loyalty, driving awareness, repeat visitors, etc.) here are reasons why an mobile app experience strategy built on engagement boosts your media brand – and your revenue.

Your readers are mobile. Join them.

70% of adults have smartphones (PewResearchCenter); this stat is 85% for young adults), and most check their phones at a minimum once per hour. 87% of the time adults are checking their phones, they are on a mobile app. And the number one use of smartphone apps is to engage with others and consume content! This is where your audience is! A mobile app that delivers your content and encourages readers to stay on their phones by driving discussion creates a loyal habit from readers. There’s no need to find where your consumers are – they’re on their phones! These engagement strategies keep them returning to your app, and also invite others in their network to join.

“Feed” your stats: Increase impressions

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – these platforms provide feeds of relevant content to users, keeping them active on their apps. Why concede your entire audience to these networks? Why not do the same with your own content? An in-app experience that serves as a feed of personalized content to users creates the type of experience apps like Facebook, Instagram, and others have created. Users are proven to engage with feeds; make this experience even more customized in your app by allowing users to subscribe to content that they are interested in.

Create a new advertising channel with content you already have.

Take the content that you already have and turn it into a revenue tool. Let your readers take control of the in-app experience you’re providing by giving them the ability to share articles, create discussions, and invite their network to join. Empowering your readers to share and contribute content they actually care about will turn your mobile app into a user-generated tool that advertisers will flock towards.

Let’s recap: A in-app experience filled with a content feed that’s relevant to readers can turn into another revenue channel for publishers, while also building a loyal community of followers. Empower your readers to comment, share, and create discussions so you aren’t just updating their feeds with content, you’re inspiring them and providing a place for them to immediately take action on the information you’re giving them.

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