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Mobile retail: It’s time to stop building apps that simply don’t matter

Retail companies are built on lifetime customers and referrals. A retailer’s job doesn’t stop at a customer purchase – that is just the beginning of their relationship. How, as a retailer, are you continuing to engage with your customers to become loyal advocates to:

  • Increase lifetime value
  • Drive repeat purchases
  • Grow customer referrals?

Part of building this type of relationship is making sure you are in front of your customers. This can be through different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The problem is, these channels are solely where your customers go to for updates, not to engage with your brand. What if there was a dedicated online community where your customers had the power to deliver your value props and messaging and share their excitement for new products?

It’s time to turn your mobile app into a customer-driven community.

Think of your most vocal customers: how do they engage with you? If a customer has a great experience with your product or staff, they’re going to share it on their social – not in your mobile app. Take a look at how many users have downloaded your mobile app. Your app is a direct line to people that have purchased your product. Your app serves as an immediate channel to communicate with them and turn them into lifelong advocates.

Here are reasons to focus on enhancing your mobile app to grow your business through an engaging customer community:

Know when your customers are in your store – and engage with them.

Using only your social networks to communicate with customers is paralyzing when it comes to a personalized experience with your brand. A connected, personalized mobile app with the ability to interact with your customers when they’re nearby or in-store through geo and beacon proximity message triggers allows you to acknowledge your customers in real-time, letting them know you value their business.

Think of it like a triggered email: When a customer purchases a product, you send them an email confirmation, thanking them for their purchase. Get ahead and encourage the purchase by welcoming customers as soon as they walk in the store, giving them a welcoming and grateful experience from the moment they connect with your brand. The solution a connected mobile app provides allows you to continue communication and know the lifecycle of interactions you’ve had with customers, delivering the personalized experience retailers crave.

Sales, promotions, and new product updates

In today’s world, everyone has gone mobile. Do the same with announcements on upcoming sales events, promotions, and new products. Through a personalized mobile app, retailers can welcome customer feedback on their latest ideas and announcements, truly catering to customers’ needs and wants.

Give your customers a voice.

Empower your customers to share their love for your products on a platform built for them. Providing customers with a dedicated community encourages them to interact with other customers, creating not only loyal individuals, but an entire loyal community .

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