Why are apps so expensive? How can they be so cheap?

You know those weird questions that make your head spin and usually force to you lay awake at 2 AM staring at the ceiling? Well, lately I have been pondering two of these questions: Why are apps so expensive?  How can apps be so cheap?

Why are apps so expensive?

If you ask many developers and experts, after they get done answering “It matters” they will likely tell you that the cost can easily get into six figures.

How can apps be so cheap?

Do a quick google search for “Build and app for free” or “App builder” and you will quickly find tens to hundreds of app builders offering prices as low as $10 / month (or even free!).

Thoroughly confused? So was I. After spending time talking to many customers of each extreme, I have become even more confused. These can’t be the two options. Why do we either have to build everything from scratch or settle with a “black box” of mostly less than useful bells and whistles?

What should a mobile app cost?

This is a great question. We believe the future is going to be defined by semi-custom apps made up of off the shelf SDK’s to add customizable functionality that allows builders to spread the cost of common features (i.e. promotions, shopping, social features, maps, user profiles, calendars) and custom code that truly brings new innovation into the world. The web has already gotten there, most of which is built around WordPress. Its time for apps to do the same.

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